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There is nothing quite so unnerving as the steady regard of a large cat.
citron presse
I am very boring this week - revisions and whatnot, and socializing offline. Sheesh.

Here. Have a CatOfSize.


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Cat of Size looks so very distinguished. How'd you manage that? :-)

That's his "human, you are working rather than petting me. This displeases me" look.

He uses it a lot.

THAT is One Gorgeous Cat.

And, if I were you, I'd do what he says. Go on, I'll just stand...back...here...

Very gorgeous and distinguished.

I think my problem is I'm used to seeing pictures of Cat of Size all sprawled out and comfy. As someone said, I'm not used to seeing him looking so... stately. Also I'm deathly I've done something wrong, because he's giving me That Look of displeasure.

Where's his monacle? LOL

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