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And Nemo came, and Nemo went.
Snow has stopped. I haven't poked my nose outside, but it looks like about a foot of the white stuff out there. Compared to the folks in New Haven and north, who are reportedly looking at 30+ inches (!) we barely had a storm....

(basically, because some of it decided to be rain/sleet earlier yesterday. Had it stayed cold, we'd be looking at 2x the snow, I suspect. Not that I'm bitter or anything... Sadly, the penalty of being an adult is having to think "okay, good, it didn't hammer us with three feet, so it's not going to cost a large fortune for the cleanup." Easier to be a kid.)

It will probably all be rained/melted away by Monday, so I intend to get out and play a bit today!

(there are no pics because after 5 years snow-is-snow and snow-covered-cars are still snow covered cars, etc. We'll see if things are more interesting after the sun rises)

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North Shore of Long Island has a lot more. Weather office in Upton (about 5 min from our new house) reported 30 inches this morning. Weatherdude sent me photos and said some sleet overnight held his north shore footage down to about 18 inches, he thinks, vs the 30 inches only a few miles away inland. But it was spinning right overhead all night. And yes, CT side seems to have been hammered. We'll have to see what the final numbers are for Mass, NH and ME.

My sister just outside of Boston is reporting 22". Friends in New Haven claim 33". There was a definite swathe where the storm slowed down long enough to drop an additional 6-10" more than their neighbors got...

(and parts of Brooklyn are reporting in with barely 6"!)

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should show you storm total reports from individuals around the area via Eastern Region Headquarters.

Glad to know that you have power and that your super is, well, super!

Perhaps snowballs and target practice would be good. How are you with alum cans on fence tops? I don't think you have enough for much snow sculpture (that angel in UK last big snow may be the word in snow sculpture.) A snow owl?

I'm about 45 min NW of Boston, and it's about 24" here. Once the wind stops blowing sideways, the snowshoes are coming out. I'm thankful that my apt. building has power.

Greygirlbeast (Caitlan R. Kiernan) has posted some pictures. Among them a snow cat her neighbors created.

We had about 28 inches in Southampton, but only about 6 in Brooklyn. Glad I have a garage space under our building!

I finished Collared today - such a fun book!

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