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Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was your weekend?
editor kitteh
What, you mean other than snow? (and sledding. Sledding was fun, although I am now bruised in certain places I should have been expecting)

Well, having finished off everything else I had pending, and only having client-work to keep me occupied until Monday, I have turned my attention to a New Project. Which means, I did a hell of a lot of research-reading, talked to someone who qualifies as an expert in one of the things I need to research, and generally poked at the first chapter until I wasn't embarrassed to be seen in public with it. I mean, I still dress it funny, but I'm okay with that, it will grow into its own fashion sense, eventually.

"There was a handprint in the door. Just the handprint, nothing else. No skin, no blood." If a hand had been hot enough to leave a char-mark, it would have been terribly damaged, the person in intense pain. Assuming it was a person at all. "Did you do that?"

Fee is badass. She might even be as badass as she thinks she is. But Nur is way more badass than that.

I also worked on other things that are not spoken of yet (if ever), started some freelance copy-writing, arranged for transport for next weekend's rally in D.C., met with a client via the wonders of Skype, and told a few people about the NEWS. What NEWS, you ask? Oh, the NEWS I'll tell you on Monday.....

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Ohh... I like that snippet. But I promise not to pester you for more :). Also, yay for good news.

It's going to be a slow (but hopefully steady) process on this one....

And yay! news, indeed. :-)

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