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I don't think it's shampoo--some critters eat hair. One of my horse friends had a young filly who got colic from eating half of her mother's tail. Not chewing it--EATING it. This is a well-cared for horse on pasture in a well-managed herd. But she still ate her mama's tail.

Good luck with all the juggling. And I sure understand that Twitch. I have it sometimes after spending the day with difficult kids, especially if I've also had multiple IEP meetings.

I always braided my hair, when in the stable. Lost track of the times, when saddling up, or grooming, or just leading my horse to the ring, I had to reach up and say "leave it!" or I'd have come back with a much shorter haircut....

Which one of your characters/book environments would you most like to hang with/in?

Oh, that's a tough one. In many ways, the world of the Vinearts is most fascinating to me, and even though it's got its drawbacks, the world would be fun to romp around in for a while...

but the characters themselves aren't the sort of folk I'd choose as friends. They're interesting people, but within their own context, not my own, if that makes sense?

I suspect, of all my characters, Danny and Ellen (of the forthcoming SYLVAN INVESTIGATION novellas) are the people I'd most like to kick back with a beer and pizza. Their NYC is one that overlaps with mine the most, and the ones I've always felt simpatico with....

Our theory on the hair nibbling is that it's a variant of grooming -- it's the 'the texture of this suggests knots, must untangle' thing. At least, that's what Mooncat seems to be doing when she chews (and washes) my hair.
I did know a cat who adored the taste of handcream once, though, so who knows.

Possible... Pandora doesn't groom me, and mostly leaves my hair alone. Boomer, who thinks it's his life's duty to make sure I'm presentable, seems incapable of NOT trying to chew my hair.

Gaah. I misread your title and said "Wait, what?"

Geez, I need to go to bed...

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