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Ready To Eat. Military field rations, but now also anything that doesn't require prep or cooking to qualify as a meal.

Ahhh, ok. I'm used to those being called MREs (meals ready to eat); I should have drawn the parallel to RTD protein shakes (ie, ready to drink, as opposed to powders that need to be stirred into milk or water)

(says the guy whose dinner was half a pouch of artificial fake crabmeat and a store-made sub because of a wicked sushi craving)

Useless bits: I always think of MREs as the pull-tab self-heating things, while RTEs have a wider definition (anything that doen't require prep and can be eaten on the go). I suspect it may depend on who you learned the term from, and what branch/period of service.... some refused to use the word "meals" in conjunction with the things they were eating. *g*

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