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Did you like the 2009 movie? I thought the science silliness was much the same in both. Come to think of it, the gratuitous "see pretty woman in her underwear" is in both, too.

I found the opening with painted, spear-throwing people in the jungle unfortunate, but after that was rather cheered to see a diverse crew. It caught my eye that the woman who joins Sulu after Chekov heads to engineering wasn't typical-actress-skinny.

I agree that the cast really does a remarkable job with a silly script.

Along with the crazy level of conspiracy, the bit at the end about going off to explore wherever they wanted was a howler.

Despite my Cumberlove, I'm reluctant to see this -- ever since I heard JJ Abrams last week on The Daily Show bitch that Star Trek back in the day was "too philosophical."

Pardon those of us who like depth with our science fiction.

My Pico review was: Enjoyed it. Just not sure if I watched a Star Trek film, or an action comedy that happened to be filmed in a Star Trek universe...'

Yeah, the science fail was pretty bad.. Although my wife found a barely plausible explanation for the biggest one I spotted.

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