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Trek: Some Spoilers
citron presse
Well, that was nearly 2/3 of a good Trek movie....

I wanted to love it. I really did. But... no. Even by Trek science-out-the-window and understanding-of-bureaucratic-logistics standards, the plot fell apart if you looked twice, there was overuse of fanservice in the wrong places (IMO), and oh god the logic-fails a decent copyeditor would have flagged in a heartbeat.

I would have loved to have seen it set a few years later, when we had a reason to believe in the bonds between the crew, getting rid of the entire opening set-up which had Logic Fail all over the place and open with the actual story, and maybe please possibly some acknowledgement that one person can't run that much of a conspiracy all by themselves, especially in a peacetime bureaucracy.... I know. I ask too much.

The cast gave it their best shot, tho. They were all solidly believable in their roles, and hey, I was there to see My Man Bones, anyway.

(and Cumberbatch utterly steals every scene he strides into. If nothing else I have renewed respect for Martin Freeman and Rupert Graves, who don't let him do that on a regular basis in Sherlock.)

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Did you like the 2009 movie? I thought the science silliness was much the same in both. Come to think of it, the gratuitous "see pretty woman in her underwear" is in both, too.

I found the opening with painted, spear-throwing people in the jungle unfortunate, but after that was rather cheered to see a diverse crew. It caught my eye that the woman who joins Sulu after Chekov heads to engineering wasn't typical-actress-skinny.

I agree that the cast really does a remarkable job with a silly script.

Along with the crazy level of conspiracy, the bit at the end about going off to explore wherever they wanted was a howler.

Despite my Cumberlove, I'm reluctant to see this -- ever since I heard JJ Abrams last week on The Daily Show bitch that Star Trek back in the day was "too philosophical."

Pardon those of us who like depth with our science fiction.

My Pico review was: Enjoyed it. Just not sure if I watched a Star Trek film, or an action comedy that happened to be filmed in a Star Trek universe...'

Yeah, the science fail was pretty bad.. Although my wife found a barely plausible explanation for the biggest one I spotted.

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