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Follow-up on exercise...
citron presse
Knee passed 1st post-injury stress test, this morning showing only normal levels of ache. The urge to ramp up exercise routine tempered by thought of re-injuring myself.

Damn those endorphins!

And, to follow-up on the earlier poll, I've learned a few interesting things. One, a lot of you (34% at the moment) are lazy lumps! And two, that only about 10% of us get so invigorated by exercise that our bodies demand more.


I probably should have asked the question of "runner's high" and related experiences....

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I never got it, even when I was running ten miles plus with relative ease. I just got chronic bronchitis, so i would have a particularly rhytmic cough.

I get an intellectual charge out of lifting, and there is a physical craving to do activity if I go too long without.

Well, if I feel like exercising more - I do. If I've been going for a while and know i should stop i just crank up the intensity past "i don't think i can move anymore" to "ah, now my legs are refusing to move that fast".

I should say that I don't run or jog. I hike, walk, bike, dance, etc., but I've always hated running.

well, "runner's high" can be achieved through other forms of exercise...

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