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Wednesday. See icon.
meerkat coffee
I was up until 2am following the Filibuster in Texas (and the aftermath), and then up again at 5:30 with the cats, and it's going to be another 90-degree day, so am mainly running on caffeine and hope at this point.

If you weren't following the filibuster, BTW, it was a gorgeous example not only of politics at both their best and worst, but had several moments of sheer "I am woman, hear me roar - and take a chunk out of your patronizingly sexist ass" power. Also, public asshattery and borderline illegal behavior on the part of the Texas senate's president, holy shit. I recommend you browse YouTube.

This one ended in victory. Sadly, it's not going to be the only fight. The right to choose will continue to be a firefight, and lower-income women and the clinics that provide their reproductive health care will continue to be both the battleground. and the victims.

Anyway, for them as waiting for updates, the vet called, and ElderCat's bloodwork is normal (for her existing levels of normal). So we can rule out diabetes, huzzah.

For now, because she is showing signs of...not improvement, but not worsening, we're going to let the course of painkillers run out and then see how things stand. If she's not in pain, and not worsening, then I think we'll let it ride, because the next option is either

a) a low dose course of steroids, which has a nasty table of side effects that could be worse than what we're treating.

b) sending her to a neurology specialist for an MRI, which will freak her out like whoa and may not tell us anything either.

Your continued good vibes for her health always appreciated.

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Was it victory? Or do they have to get the vote over turned? Or what happened there?

Lt. Gov. Dewhurst agreed, about an hour or so after the vote was "taken," that #SB5 was dead. I guess he didn't really want to tie his party up in a lawsuit with over 150,000 people ready to be called as witnesses for the prosecution?

He'll try again, because that's the kind of asshat he is. But this place and time, the forces of don't-be-an-ass won.

(it is worth noting that at least one of the senators supporting Wendy's filibuster is pro-life, but could not condone shutting down the clinics that provide so many more services than abortion. This was NOT a single issue fight, no matter how the GOP tries to frame it.)

Edited at 2013-06-26 12:18 pm (UTC)

I see the Governor is calling a special session to get it passed.

I wrote as a Texan woman to complain at his behaviour... hmm - hope I didn't put any UK spellings in there!

I'm glad to hear the blood work came back negative. And more good wishes to you and to Pandora, and also to Cat of Size, because, well, he is adorable too.

That is good news (that he agreed the vote was void)

Really whatever your feelings on abortion shutting down the clinics that provide so many more services is an abomination.

Good wishes here too.

Bo is on the low dose steroids for IBD, until we got the dosage balanced it was really hard on him - made him pre-diabetic and he was peeing 8-9 times a day. Yeah, I can't say that's something I would suggest.

As far as Texas, sadly there is nothing stopping them from calling another session, or waiting till the next one, where the fillibuster may not be a valid tool.

"The Legislature of the State of Texas, operating under the biennial system, convenes its regular sessions at noon on the second Tuesday in January of odd-numbered years."

So unless he calls another Super Secret Special Session (this last one was also a special session, I believe), at which point I predict a repeat filibuster, it will have to wait until 2015.

Yeah. Neither of those is likely until the furor dies down, my point was just the bill is stunned, not dead...

We've been having this argument for as long as I've been alive. I didn't expect it to die, only to drive it back into hiding under the glare of a powerful light held by many vocal people.

That's the best we can do, as we chip away at the "my religion/need for control trumps your rights" crowd.

Poor ElderCat. *sends virtual headrubs her way*

Last night was vet for the two brother kitties; they kept hiding under each other. Queen Calico Cat was home alone for an hour, and was confused to have nobody to lord over.

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