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And so it begins…. 29 days until HEART OF BRIAR ships!
citron presse
(really like magic, if you order a digital edition!)

He has been taken. And you are his only chance.”

That wasn’t something Jan expected to hear-especially from strangers who’d just rescued her from some mysterious and ferocious creatures. And she really hadn’t expected her rescuers to be shape-shifters….
Now it turns out her boyfriend, Tyler, hasn’t gone missing, he’s been stolen-and Jan’s the only one who might be able to get him back.
From Elfland.

"“You can always count on (the) gifted Gilman to deliver richly layered fantasy filled with winning characters and well-defined worlds, and she doesn’t disappoint with HEART OF BRIAR. (A) terrific series starter.” ♦♦♦♦ (4 stars)
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Looking forward to it! (Mine is already pre-ordered.)

Ooooooh. Looks awesome! Love the cover, too.

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