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Your Intermittent Occasional Commercial Reminder....
evil laugh
Because I've once again been reminded that people need reminders....

If you're curious about my work, or think there might be a book you haven't picked up yet, or are pretty sure you whoops! forgot to pick up one of my digital-only releases in the past 12 months.... I've collected ALL THE INFO into one convenience place for your browsing pleasure.

Or, if you're so inclined, you can go directly to the BUY HERE links....  (including audiobooks and digital-only sources)

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Were you still offering some of your HCs for sale to make room for Heart of Briar?

I still have a few of the Vineart War hardcovers, yes...

(you can get the mass editions via bookstores, but only I have the HCs]

I'll be messaging you very shortly, then. e-mail will do?

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