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A week later....
Pandora posed
I still sort of expect to see ElderCat out of the corner of my eye, especially when I walk into the bedroom, or look at my desk. I miss her, in the way you miss something like an arm, wondering how you are functioning without it but aware you've got no choice and there's no upside to cuddling the grief.

CatofSize has been filling the gaps as he can, including coming to snuggle with me in the morning (he doesn't sleep on the bed with me, though) and trying to sprawl on my desk (with mixed results). He's also far more vocal than I ever remember him being, but I'm not sure if he's saying "where's my little big sister what happened to her?" or "oh hey, is it me or is there more room here now?"

I.... may have visited petfinder.com this evening. CatofSize did not object. It's too soon (and I'll be traveling most of August, so terrible timing) but... well, we'll see. We may settle in happily as a 1-and-1 household for now.

In the meanwhile, I'm trying to get back to work. It's slow - I'm easily distracted, and the weather has not been helping (god how I hate humidity) but work is, in many ways, the mind-savior...

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When its time, the cat will find you...

I'm on week #3 (to the day) without Xander, and yeah, feeling just like this. *hugs*

It gets easier, of course. But never quite goes away. I still miss my big old orange boy, six years later.

Someone seems to be calling you, if you're checking the ads. They do that, the kittehs.

Sending lots of hugs to you and Boomer. Losing a loved pet is heartwrenching. You find yourself so worn out and fragile, even thinking about a new addition to the household (because you can't "replace" a pet any more than you can replace a person) seems so disloyal.
But the new addition, if there is to be one, arrives on its own timetable, not yours.
After our First Cat died, Greg and I swore we wouldn't even think about another cat for six months...all right, three. But we would absolutely, positively wait three months before raising the possibility.
So I gathered all the cans of cat food Duz never ate and trucked them down to my local shelter. The clerk at the desk took one look at me and crooned, "Would it make you feel better to hug a cat? Our cat room is open."
I started to say no, but I was so wretched, I figured it couldn't hurt. I went back to the adoption room, and as I turned the corner into the second aisle of cages, I heard this squeaky little voice squealing, "Meeee! Meeee! MeeMeeeMeee!"
I fought it for two weeks (of daily visits) until I realized I was terrified the "little" ten pound, ten-month-old black cat calling to me would get adopted by somebody else. The imp is now a sleek fifteen-pounder. He knew what he wanted. It just took Greg and me longer to catch up.
Since then, I've heard it said your old cat chooses your new one. I don't know if that's a comfort or grounds for alarm. ;-)
Sending healing thoughts, regardless.

After our First Cat died, Greg and I swore we wouldn't even think about another cat for six months...all right, three. But we would absolutely, positively wait three months before raising the possibility.

I said the same thing about my Dante when she left me. 3.5 months later, Caena came into our lives. Funnily enough, she'd been born 10 days after Dante passed. I think Dante sent her to us.}:)

I totally know how you feel. It's only been a few days since our eldest passed, and I still expect to see him at mealtime or bedtime or when I'm in need of a good backrest. And then you find yourself looking at Petfinder or maybe visiting the adoption room at the vet, or something, and that way lies madness.

As if to make up for it, our little white shrieky cat has been trying to become my armrest, but she is prickly and does not do it properly yet.
So you have our continued best wishes... and CatOfSize looks gorgeous.

Typing erratic because result of previous expedition to the Cat's Protection website is clambering all over me, but in my experience it starts with: I'll just have a quick look..... And then, kittens.

"When its time, the cat will find you..." Ditto!

Oh yes, all of ours have been that way.

Aries became more vocal than he ever was when Max (my Cat of size) was still here- he left us in Jan, unexpectedly. I think, if they spent most of their lives together, the loss affects them keenly and by becoming more vacal, they are alternatively voicing their displeasure at the situation and making sure their humans haven't left them as well.

We went from a 3 cat/1 dog household to a 2 cat/1 dog household. I have noticed that Aries pays more attention to Morrigan- significantly younger than him, but over a decade- now and will even play with her.

Maybe, when you are ready for adding another cat again, it'll be the same for you.}:)

After Spanky's departure, I kept us a 1-and-1 household for a while, and I think it was good for both Sophie and me. When I realized that she was spending a lot of time just sitting in the middle of the living room staring at me, I knew it was time for the two of us to get more company. When Ezekiel finally joined the household, I won't say Sophie was overjoyed, but she was certainly distracted--and so was I. And we both still are. He's challenging, but it's because he's young, and they've developed a cordial, occasionally even real friendship. I think waiting was the right thing for us, and I totally support you waiting as well. You'll tell each other when the time is right for more company.

Was offline for a while and just saw this. My sympathies for your loss. Our (very vocal) older cat, Toulouse, passed on about three months ago. Our previously silent younger cat, Storm, is now ridiculously chatty. We had no idea how many adorable sounds he could make. When I knew Toulouse was near the end I kept thinking how quiet the house would be, and how sad I would be. Storm's new voice has more than made up for it -- he actually makes me laugh.

Years ago, when I had two cats and one of them died, the second cat wandered about the house yowling, and she'd never been very vocab before. I think CatofSize is mourning, too.

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