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The Fall
citron presse

Okay, I'm sure SOMEONE told me about The Fall, and I put it out of my mind because hey, UK show and I'm in the States (without cable).  But now it's on Netflix and I am watching the HELL out of this.

And not just because of Gillian Anderson.  Okay, maybe a lot because of Gillian Anderson.

Because she can still do "why are you wasting my time being stupid?" expressions better than nearly anyone.

But seriously, this is crime drama that's spooky and atmospheric and drawn-out in all the best ways, while still making you curl up on the sofa already hurting for people who're gonna hurt...

Oh, and the villain?  Creeeeeeepy, particularly when he's not being creepy.  He also has one of the best lines in the first ep.  *shudders*

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I'd just discovered it and watched it all the way through In an evening. WANT MORE NOW!

I only made it ten minutes into the first episode and decided I didn't need that level of unpleasantry in my life right now. It was obviously good, but it creeped me the hell out before the moral equivalent of the first commercial break, and yeah. No. :)

Yeah, this is not a feel-good show. But it's so damn well done....

We LOVED this. Totally creepy and mesmerizing and so great to see Gillian again on TV. Can't wait for season 2!

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