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So. That happened.
citron presse

Despite my plans to WAIT, damn it, on Thursday afternoon I found myself drawn to several shelters, looking to see if any paws reached out and grabbed me.

Gentles, meet Cas*.


He's four months old, full of mischief, affection, and a remarkably deep and piercing voice, and may well grow up to be a Big Damn Cat, but for now we shall refer to him as CatOfWee. Or, as has occurred, "Lil' Idjit."

cas1 seen with coffee mug and finger puppets for scale

We are currently in the shake-down cruise.  CatofSize is dubious but not unwilling in this household integration.


He's not sure about being the Big Brother, but so long as the treats and snuggles keep coming...

I think Pandora (ElderCat as was) would approve.  Or at least snicker behind her whiskers at Boomer now having to be Elder.

*He is gawky but fierce, with a gravelly meow, and certain behaviors caused an observer to comment that I'd acquired a nerd cat.  And I realized it was Thursday, and he'd found me in the middle of hellishly hot weather.  Reader, what else COULD I name him?  Even though his eyes are olive green, not blue.

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Looks like a match. Good wishes for all of you.

Thanks for going to the shelter to get this little cutie! And, thank you for adopting a black cat. For some reason it is harder for them to get homes. With that said, this is just what Catofsize needs. He will be less needy now and after the how do you do period things will settle down to normality, well, some sort of normality. :)

Same here in some parts of the UK, but when we went to the other local shelter in the spring they said black cats were not an issue, so it must be a regional thing. However, I took H to the vet this morning and he was the third black cat in there!

I'd been thinking either a tuxedo or a grey (I was trying to avoid another tabby, for obvious reasons) and all I kept seeing were orange and blacks, like it was Halloween come early...

An all my cats are either shelter or feral rescues. I go for personality, not papers. :-)

If Cas acquires a taste for coffee, all bets are off....

Household cats get no coffee. Especially not pre-wired kittens.

(people food is off limits to felines, overall. Except the occasional fishy treat for Boomer, who is a good boy).

Very good! He's adorable and Cat0fSize needs something to keep him occupied. Love those growl-y voices, too. It will be interesting to see which one of them ends up being cat-of-most-size as Cas grows up.

Best wishes and may you all enjoy each other for a long, long time.

Congratulations on the new addition! He is adorable, and a real ringer for my now-13lb former feral, Ziggy.

Congratulations on the new addition to your family.


Though I have to ask... Do you mean 'CatofWee' as in a small(er) cat, or as in he's piddling everywhere?

Hah, I knew someone would ask that, but "CatofTiny" didn't quite sing.

Cas is litter-trained, thankfully.

Thought I'd best check. :-)
Especially because a friend of mine gave one of her cats a name which meant 'piss' in Irish, because of what the cat did to a visitor...

It WAS my first thought but I'm only reading this now so you certainly got there first!

Absoluetly adoreable! ♥

He's very cute and I'm sure the two will be friends eventually.

All my best wishes!

Congratulations on the new arrival. If I see a trench coat in his size I'll send it along.

Congratulations all of you! I love the pic of CatofSize talking to the newcomer. Wonder what he's saying...

"Stay out of my stuff. Or I'll give you a wedgie. And stay out of my food. And that litter box? That one's mine..."


Orientation, in other words.

I was figuring it was something like "If you're willing to be my minion and serve my every whim, you can stay."

Congrats on the new kitteh.

Aw, those spindly little baby ballet dancer legs. It looks like he has turnout in the coffee mug picture! And so sleekit.

He's SO CUTE! And he looks like he's just *built* for adventure.

Welcome to Cas; may he bring you (and Boomer) many years of delight.

Cute little guy. Good luck with the orientation.

(Deleted comment)
So how are the furry one's getting along? Has Boomer accepted the Wee one well?

They've bumped noses a few times, after which Boomer hisses and postures just to retain some dignity self-resepect plausible deniability, and Cas has so far respected his "second cat" status and backed off.

I suspect they will either a) live happily ignoring each other or b) actually start getting along in a week or three. Either way, there's not been an immediate dislike or fear on either side, which is very good.

Eeeeee tiny black kitty! I hope you make one another very happy.

Boomers are becoming Elders. It's a trend, I fear.

Congrats on Wee and Big living together happily ever!


Prize for being the first one to make that comment.

But you were waiting for it, right?

Welcome to the clan, Cas! You found a Very Good Place.

Awwwww!!!! Welcome CatofWee!

Aww, what a cute little baby! Hope he and Boomer (and you, of course!) have a long and happy life together.

What a cutie! I bet he and newly-promoted elder cat will get along famously. Boomer doesn't have a chance.

Congratulations to the three of you! Cas is such a cutie, but thanks to my own Cat of Black, I may be a wee bit biased in that regard. Wishing you all joy and catnip for many years to come.

Adorable! *approves*

(and the name a) cracks me up and b) is appropriate for him)

It looks like Boomer is reading him the rules. LOL

I go away for a weekend and you get a kitten! Mazel tov! What a handsome fellow he looks like. Welcome to Life with A Kitten. It will be a shock after years with senior cats. Trust me on this. :-) And have a marvelous time!

Yeah, there's a lot of stuff you forget, over a decade....

(also: I knew that the shelter's suggested feeding schedule was based on 'kitten in cage most of day' not 'kitten playing and chasing like a maniac' but dear god I think I have a bottomless pit here, and he grumps when I won't let him gorge all at once/eat Boomer's food...)

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