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So. That happened.
citron presse

Despite my plans to WAIT, damn it, on Thursday afternoon I found myself drawn to several shelters, looking to see if any paws reached out and grabbed me.

Gentles, meet Cas*.


He's four months old, full of mischief, affection, and a remarkably deep and piercing voice, and may well grow up to be a Big Damn Cat, but for now we shall refer to him as CatOfWee. Or, as has occurred, "Lil' Idjit."

cas1 seen with coffee mug and finger puppets for scale

We are currently in the shake-down cruise.  CatofSize is dubious but not unwilling in this household integration.


He's not sure about being the Big Brother, but so long as the treats and snuggles keep coming...

I think Pandora (ElderCat as was) would approve.  Or at least snicker behind her whiskers at Boomer now having to be Elder.

*He is gawky but fierce, with a gravelly meow, and certain behaviors caused an observer to comment that I'd acquired a nerd cat.  And I realized it was Thursday, and he'd found me in the middle of hellishly hot weather.  Reader, what else COULD I name him?  Even though his eyes are olive green, not blue.

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