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Three Things (and two on credit) make a Monday Post
citron presse

I am interviewed over at Book View Cafe


The truth is, sometimes you think you know your theme, you think you know the driving motif, the point you’re trying to make, and then you get to the end and it’s all “holy shit I made that. what the hell is that?”
Because the best storytelling takes on a life of its own past “once upon a time there was…” and you never really know what happens in the fifth chapter until you get there.


3. In slightly related news:


I am not unreasonably proud of this.
Next year may be even more insane, since I plan to NOT be doing a 4 city whistlestop tour during it...  (those may be FLW, who knows)

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Nice diploma!!! Good luck, Laura Anne!!!

Edited at 2013-11-19 05:45 am (UTC)

Now finally seems the right time to ask: why was the alarm clock such a symbol of this thing GISWHES? Was it random or, um, less random? THERE'S SO MUCH I DON'T UNDERSTAND...

(But yeah, go you!)

The alarm clock motif came out of one of the tasks - I can't recall offhand if it was specified, but we had to have a Twitter account that called the time once a day, and...

things snowballed. As they do during GISHWHES.

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