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So yeah, that story y'all earned...
citron presse
Well, some of you earned it. The rest of you are freeloading off their #2feedothers good works. But we'll let that pass.

Anyway, it's hit 3k and may have a while to go yet but I'm thinking it's Pre-Draft - that is, I know where it starts, where it ends, and have a whole bunch of stuff happening in the middle that stands up to being poked.

And it has, no lie, a 73-word sentence in it. Yes, a functional, intentional 73 word sentence. Well, it wasn't intentional that there be 73 words, but I knew it would be...extended.

Fight scenes, man. They're either brute-force short, or elegantly elongated.

And it has, no lie, a 73-word sentence in it.

Pfft. Baby steps. When you have lived as long as I have and seen the things I've seen, you too will attain the wonder of a 400-word sentence. No lie. (Unhappily, I no longer remember even which book it's in; and I'm fairly sure it didn't survive the editorial process intact; but still. First drafts count, I tell you. And 400-word sentences always count.)

The Vineart War books had some particularly long sentences, but I try to keep it under 100 words because I hate to see grown copyeditors cry.

Actually, that's an utter falsehood. I live to make grown copyeditors cry. But I feel bad about it after. A little.

James Ellroy's Taken novelization* would have the shortest fight scenes EVER.

* Or maybe fanfic.

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