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Shower Fic
citron presse
Many of us know the healing, invigorating, brain-kicking power of good water pressure and a reliable boiler. Need to wake your brain up? Stuck on a story point? Go stand under some hot water.

Sometimes it can kick in without your expecting it, though.

For some reason, I started telling this story in the shower, this morning.


Once upon a time, just yesterday...

a dragon moved into a garden patch.

Oh, you say, but dragons live in high mountains, or deep in the waters, curled around gold and gems and pearls. They don't live in gardens! But this dragon was old and wise, and he knew that gems were not satisfying to his belly, and rare was the knight or maiden who came to the deep fastness of a sea- or mountain-cave. So to a garden plot he went, where tomatoes and aubergine and rutabagas grew. Not that he liked rutabagas, mind, but they were wonderful for his scales, and so he crunched them down when they came ripe, and reminded himself that knights and maidens taste worse.

And so the dragon lived in his garden plot, tending the winter gourds and the spring greenshoots and the summer fruits and the autumn tubers....

There was only one problem...dragon poo is NOT good for gardens.


I actually know where this story goes. It may take a few more showers to get it there, though.

Originally published at Writer. Editor. Tired Person. You may comment here or there, it's all good.

Having spread manure around, I chuckled at that last line.

.dragon poo is NOT good for gardens.

so, what is it good for?

Please continue to shower! I would think dragon poo might singe the ground a bit…fertilizer it isn't.

This reminded me of an old book about a dragon that loves books so he becomes tiny and lives in an illuminated manuscript.

Damn it. Now I want to read that book again. :)

Please put the rest of the story here. It was a great beginning.


I like this story. More please?

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