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Bookses and Bookses
citron presse
Based on C.E Murphy's post, I'm spending the day going through my shelves and pulling out the books I bought and meant to read (yes there are books I bought and know damn well I'm never going to read, hush, it's a hoarding thing). Making a pile, checking it twice, and then planning to get them read in 2014.

And, in the process, I'm culling the books I either read once and have no interest in rereading, or started to read and decided it wasn't worth the finishing, and finding them new homes. Which means - you guessed it - more shelf space for new books!

Um.  Yes, I know, there's a short story I'm supposed to be polishing, and a WiP I should be WiPing on.... but this afternoon's really not a good space for focusing on anything for more than fifteen minutes, so this is what you get: year-end baking and sorting and playing with the cats.  

hush, it's a hoarding thing


I pretty much stopped buying books altogether when I realized how much I'd spent on books I never got around to reading in previous years. And I still end up with books I want to read but may never get around to, because they magically appear.

And I've also had to start engaging in some serious culling for sanity's sake and the need to make some space.

My new sin? Accumulating electronic ARCs... and still not being able to find time to read them all.

The life of a reviewer. :(

and sorting and playing with the cats

Let us know when you get those cats sorted.

I remember when I moved to a new apartment I decided to take all the books I hadn't read and put them on the same shelf.

It turned out to take three shelves. That was embarressing.

Yeah, my To-Be-Read-Bookcase needs a thorough going-over. I know there are books on there that have been residing there for over a decade. Probably time to find those new homes!

I'd swear off book buying until I read through the current piles but I'd worry about the financial hit Larry and Sally would take...

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