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Peter O'Toole, RiP
citron presse

Reports surfacing that Peter O'Toole has died, at age 81.




Magnificent in so many roles, but for me he will forever be Alan Swann, of My Favorite Year.

I will be in mourning for the rest of forever.


He was one of the first - maybe the first - actor I ever fell hopelessly in love with. (That would be Laurence of Arabia. I was, I think, 14.)
His turn in Troy claiming the body of his son, was one of the most heartbreaking pieces of acting I have ever seen.

Heh. Very true. And it was the only part of the film he liked, if you believe his later interviews when he wasn't being forced to toe the company line. *g*

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I need to watch The Lion in Winter again very soon.

"I'm not a actor. I'm a movie star!"

I was lucky enough to see him live in Pygmalion, in the West End. There was a set screw up, with the door refusing to stay closed. He dealt with it brilliantly, never missing a beat.

An extraordinary man who lived a life full of adventure and excellence.

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I think I like him best as Henry II, be it in "The Lion in Winter" or "Becket". He was brilliant in that role. And can anyone even imagine someone else as Lawrence?

It's sad, but on the other hand, 81 years, that's a good life.

Hitch over a little on the mourning bench. It was always fascinating to see what he'd do as an actor. But, yes: Alan Swann. (**panicked**) "I'm not an actor, I'm a MOVIE STAR!"

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