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Speaking with Action
citron presse
The US is not sending any top officials as representatives during the Olympics in Russia next year, nor will the President or First Lady attend (breaking w/ custom), and although it has not been couched as such, pretty much everyone acknowledge that it’s being seen as a response to Russia’s virulent anti-gay laws.

The US is, however, sending a delegation including tennis legend Billie Jean King and several former Olympic medalists, including Bonnie Blair, Caitlin Cahow, Brian Boitano, and Eric Heiden.

Cahow and King are openly lesbian.

And Brian Boitano just came out (shocking NOBODY, but that’s beside the point).

Sometimes you can say a lot without saying a word.

Billie Jean has no patience with your bigoted shit any more.

From Brian's wiki page:

On December 19, 2013 he announced that he is gay, to the surprise of absolutely no one.[3]


Well, really. I mean...really.

Oh, I agree. It's just... "Dude, even your own WIKI is sayin 'yeeeah, knew that'..."


though edited later with the comment " (→‎Personal life: funny, and true, but no)"

I love wikipedia...

And Brian Boitano just came out (shocking NOBODY, but that’s beside the point).

Yup. More shocked to find out that he HADN'T already come out, because, well, we thought he had a long time ago. Heh.

Glad to see the symbolic gesture. We should do stuff like that more often.

Both France and Germany (and I believe others, but couldn't find the articles to back that up) had already announced to high officials would be in their delegations as well. It looks to be a, for lack of a better word, soft boycott of the games by most of the western powers.

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