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Four More Work Days in the Year
brain.  hurts.
Last night I dreamed of the Mother of Cats.

Which sounds like the opening line of story but is, in fact, simple fact.

That also sounds like the second line of a story. I'm not sure what that tells me, but I should probably quit while I'm already behind.

(she looked a little like my beloved Pandora, only with longer fur and softer curves, but she wasn't a cat at all)

Meanwhile, my brain is set on two modes, each with its own habittrail:

Oh yay oh yay I have LOTS of fun research to do!

Oh fuck of fuck I have LOTS of time-sensitive research to do and no time to do it properly, oh fuck.

The new project begins to fill all available brain-space.  But before that, I have paperwork to manage, and a mystery manuscript to revise.

End as you mean to begin, I suppose....

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some would say after that dream that there is a kitten in your future.

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