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In which I keep my promises...
citron presse

As per my challenge,  more than ten of you contributed to the #willwrite2feedothers campaign – raising over $1,100 for food banks, so well done, us! – and therefore I am fulfilling my end of the bargain, with an original short story.

It’s…a slightly strange story that may resonate with some folk more than others, but here it is, all yours.

Last Blood.”

originally published at writer. editor. tired person.

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Very cool story. Thank you!

PS, would you mind if I shared the link? It's a story that should be read.

Yep, it's For All, not just the folks who made it possible...

(maybe next year we can get 2x as many people on board!)

Great! I'll mention that when I share the link. Happy New Year!

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