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2013 and 2014
citron presse
Over on the Formal Blog (writer. editor. tired person), I'm talking about the journey of 2013.

Normally, that's about as close as I'll come to a retrospective of the year, but 2013 really does need more lookback than that*.

This was the year that started with Massive Change in December, and, well, ended with Massive Change to come. "I'm terrified, but I'm not afraid" was the right year-motto to choose, because every step was taken not so much in confidence but anticipation, often quaking in my boots.

It's not coincidence that 2013 was also the year I joined a GISHWHES team, and got so far out of my comfort zone (often laughing hysterically all the way) that I couldn't even see the zone any more.

Other than that, it was a year like so many since I began my second life: filled with new adventures, new friends (and meeting friends in person for the first time, waving to Thirza, Mikaela, and others), and yes, a new kitten (all together now: "damn it, Cas!")

And those we let go of in the year are not lost, but merely somewhere else, in some other form.

And 2014?  Those steps have led me to a new destination.  Which is why my motto for 2014 is Fuck that Noise.

Because doubts and fears - our own or others - can't be avoided.  But I don't have to let that noise in.

*I will probably be doing a "what I published" post too, just to remind myself even if nobody else reads it

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I'm glad that you stayed the course with the new book, no matter how terrified you were. It has and will continue to lead to good things for you, and I'm delighted on your behalf.

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