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2014's First Open Thread!
citron presse
Since I've been distracted and less over-sharing than usual lately, let's have an Open Thread post. Ask a question of me. Any question you want. About writing, about editing, about politics, co-ops, felines.... about anything you want.

I reserve the right to not answer a question because it's my LJ and I do have some tiny smidge of discretion, but then again, I'm also occasionally completely without filter.

So onward and on with it! Ask!

(the open thread will run all week, and I'll answer them all by next Sunday the 12th)

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You mentioned en passant that you have editing mentees? (if I misunderstood what you'd put out there, I apologize) How's that work?


If you got on the subway and saw/bumped into one of your (non-canine/non-feline) characters, how do you think the conversation would run?

I do indeed have mentees, writers who don't have a manuscript finished and ready for editing yet, and feel the need for a regular kick in the rear to get them there. There are several ways it can work, the simplest being a flat monthly fee buys X hours, however the client wishes to use them - actual editing, talking out plot problems, psychological hand-holding, discussions about publishing, etc. Usually there's a mix of all of the above, cumulating in a finished manuscript that's either ready to submit, or self-publish.

As to the subway question.... it would probably go a lot like this:

*doors open. Character gets on, sees LAG. LAG sees character*


*both go back to their reading/music/pre-caffeine zoneout*

What's your favourite/preferred food and drink for each season?

Which other bits of NYC do you like to take visitors to, and do they have links to any of your novels?

NYC is such a varied city, my "you must go here" list needs to be tailored to what people like (and what the weather's like!). But the Highline is certainly up there, as are potions of Central park, for good weather, while The Museum of Natural History and The Met/The Cloisters rock for less ideal-to-be-outside weather.

Also, any number of fablous people-watching restaurants.

I don't really have particularly seasonal favorite foods... I prefer strawberries and corn when they're in season (to the point of avoiding them the rest of the year) and keep hot cocoa for when it gets cold, but other than that, if it's available and I like it...

I do tend toward crisp white wines in the summer/spring, and more rounded whites in the winter.

What do you do when you're writing and you get stuck?

I do something else. Usually something physical - i get out and city-hike or bike - or I cook, or I clean. The trick is to STOP THINKING ABOUT IT and let your mind just take a chill. Stretching your physical muscles is an excellent way to enforce that. Then you come back loose and tired, and huh there's the solution right at the front of your brain...

What got you into ultimate frisbee, and how long have you done that?

(Using my one sports icon)

Ultimate frisbee was invented at my high school. I sort of fell into the team via my association with stage crew (there was an unsurprising overlap) and really loved it - and then my knee got damaged during fencing practice and anything that required sudden pivots was Right Out (no tennis for me, either).

We used to occasionally get up a game when I was at college- I have fond memories of driving out to SPAC (Saratoga Performing Arts Center) in early spring and playing a game in ankle-deep snow...

Sadly, my aim has deteriorated since college. I'm not sure I'd trust myself with a sold throw - I'd probably hurt someone (or embarrass myself).

I was about to make a crack about Wii Ultimate Frisbee, and I found that there actually is a video game version of the sport. But a Wii version still seems ideal to me.

So how long did you do theater work? Now I wished I'd done that in high school; I could've gotten upper-body strength quicker and earlier...

The theater work was only in high school, and only briefly. I like working behind the scenes more than I do being in the spotlight, but I have a very low tolerance for clique bullshit.

Totally inappropriate question :

When I visit NY (assuming it comes off) in October what should I go see and will you be around for a coffee or lunch?

Edited at 2014-01-04 08:43 pm (UTC)

I should be, unless I'm off to WFC. And what do you WANT to go see? (see above comment about NYC being such a varied spot)

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