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So, how's YOUR Tuesday?
The New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM) today issued a Hazardous Travel Advisory for today and Wednesday. The National Weather Service has forecasted 8 to 12 inches of snow accumulation through Wednesday. Light snow will develop this morning with the heaviest snow between 4 PM today and 10 PM tonight. Blizzard-like conditions could occur during the heaviest periods of snow. Snow will begin to taper off by late this evening and end tomorrow morning. Temperatures are not expected to break the freezing mark through Friday. Overnight lows tonight are expected to be in the single digits with wind chills of -5 degrees. On Wednesday, temperatures will be near 20 degrees with wind chills in the single digits.

Me, I stayed in today.  I'll stay in tonight, too. Snow is fun, but staying out of the way of a serious storm if you can is better.   And hey, fellow snowbound city dwellers?  If you're ordering in tonight, TIP YOUR DELIVERY PERSON.  Also, be patient.  You're not the only one with that really good idea.

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Out on the Island it is not safe to drive at all. Watching cars slip on the street. The plows can't keep up.

We are hunkered down for at least the next 24 if not 48 hours.

Luckily, $EMPLOYER closed today (following the Feds) and we have plenty of food (human and cat) in the house, so we didn't have to go anywhere.

Unfortunately, there's a 400-page document I need to review for work by Friday.

Happily, I'd already put a copy in my Dropbox so I could work on it at home *yesterday*.

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