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this is the kind of problem I hate to whinge about, but....
citron presse

let me say that being able to write in two genres (mystery and fantasy) is like getting the perfect hot fudge sundae and being PAID to eat it: it’s really hard to complain.

But some day, please the scheduling gods, I will have more than six weeks between book deadlines?  Because ow.



On the plus side, when I hand both of them in and have a breather before the revisions hit, I can get back to the TBR pile that ISN’T for research....

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You need a Time Turner.
Or a huge advance that will allow you to work at a more reasonable pace.

When watching that detective hold his face like that reminded me of the entire episode, it reminded me when I could watch a ten second clip of any Star Trek original series and tell you the rest of the story.

I'm so sad...

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