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The Progress Invisible...
meerkat coffee
To you, anyway.  To me it's marked in blood, coffee rings, and inky fingers.

Gin & Tonic #4 is a Draft, as of Tuesday. It's an ugly, messy draft, but it has a beginning, a middle, an ending, and a through-line, so there's that, and I still have a few weeks to polish it to something I'd be willing to let my editor see (and then she will tell me all the places it's still ugly and messy, and I'll fix THOSE. Because having a clean and clear eye at this point is really helpful.)

Meanwhile, I'm back to work on the draft of SILVER ON THE ROAD, first-pass reader notes at my elbow. Two chapters revised today. Thirty to go. Then a second-pass reader's notes, and I do it again. Six weeks and counting until deadline (and 1 week and counting for the route-checking research road trip).

I bought 3 2-liter bottles of diet coke, a bag of popping corn, and a box of chocolate-covered graham crackers. Yep, all set. At least for the next few days....

(revisions are serious business, kids. you gotta go in prepared.)

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Well shit. That's the problem with this revision. No damned diet Coke. Fuck me.

Out of curiosity (if you're up for answering qustions in the midst of this), about how long are Silver On The Road's chapters?

It's variable, but around 4,000 words.

For me it's writer's cramp and a sore back. I need to sit straighter.

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