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So, THAT happened...
citron presse
How To Adult (a YouTube edutainment channel affiliated with John Green) just reblogged one of my "adulting" comments over on Tumblr. And it kinda exploded.... (over 100 reblogs in under ten minutes, a month after it was originally posted, and still going).  So one assumes that considerably more than a hundred people just saw it....

Dear Mr. Green: I have these books over here, they're not officially YA, but if you or your team would like to mention them positively somewhere public, that would be swell....

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Email him. I knew him when, and I like him personally, and I think his work is great. Email him. Putting this in your blog will probably not get his attention. Send him a tweet or an email - that might.

Pfft. I knew it wasn't going to get his attention here, I was teasing.

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