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Sunday in the Park with Kate
citron presse
Main Lawn, George Washington Bridge in the distance

Shaded steps off the veranda

The Palisades and the Hudson River (view from the herb gardens)

all views from Wave Hill, The Bronx.

And yep, this year I gave in and got a membership. $40 to support one of the prettiest and most restful places in the city, and the added reminder to get off my ass and go there more than once or twice a year....

And now, off to dinner with the folks, for a combination mother's day/mom's birthday fest...

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Looks like it was a lovely expedition!

I seem to have worn Kate out slightly - she's currently on the sofa being adjacently-cat-sat-upon...

Sounds like the perfect post-expedition activity to me!

I love how lush the greens are in May.

Oh, Gods, now I'm soooo homesick.

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