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Aint'd dead yet!
citron presse
Greetings from Kansas!

We have driven many miles (600? 700?) with more to come. We have taken many photos, and I have taken many notes for the books. We have seen dust devils, prairie dogs, rock formations, turkeys, raptors, roads that weren't on the map, many maps, utter lack of connectivity, chicken fried everything, lots of really nice people (and one ass).

And we have done it all in the Best. Rental. Car. Ever.

DSCN1846(yep, that's a 2013 Dodge Challenger.  It's an automatic so it's not really a muscle car, but it's really a muscle car. And it's really fun to drive.)

Tomorrow, we head across the border into Colorado.

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That is a very pretty car. Have a great trip.

Hell yeah.

Hope this is both productive and a whole lotta fun.

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