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Out of the car and back into the saddle...
citron presse
Small joys of being home: my own bed, good coffee, being woken up at 4am by CatofSize who wasn't feeling well... *sighs*

But yeah, it's good to sit at my desk, coffee at elbow, cats now asleep on the sofa, and have a full day of (re)writing ahead of me. Although it will be odd, not having the scenery change out the window...

Trip report to come. And if anyone's wondering, I dislike the new LJ format because it's more difficult to navigate. What's with Twitter trying to be more like Facebook, Facebook trying to be more like Twitter, and Livejournal trying to be more like both of them in all the bad ways? C'mon, guys, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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I think I'd be happier if LJ spent more time (and money) making sure that their system was up and free from DDoS attacks rather than trying to act more like FB.

woken up at 4am by CatofSize who wasn't feeling well

it only took my kitty three days to work up puking all over me and the bed as a welcome home...

And Windows 8 trying to be like an iPhone.... I feel the pain.
Welcome home.

I dislike the new format too. ;-(

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