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my fetishes, let me show you them...
citron presse
Yep, we've got some raised eyebrows out there...  you people are SO predictable.

As usual when I get anywhere near the west/southwest, I come home not with jewelry, but fetishes. This trip, despite hoping to pick up another buffalo, I found myself acquiring first a badger, and then a lovely corn maiden - my first-ever corn maiden! They're both lovely, and I don't regret breaking my budget a little to bring them both home.

corn maidenbadger
(For size reference, the corn maiden is about the size of my index finger, and the badger is smaller than my pinky.  The corn maiden is mother-of-pearl, and the badger is carved from Boulder turquoise with coral for the eyes)

And then there was the white bear kachina by Chester Polyestewa that stopped me dead in my tracks. $300. Ouch. He stayed on the shelf. For now, anyway.  (if you're ever in Colorado Springs, stop by the Flute Player Gallery and talk to John for a while.  Even if you don't buy anything (but you probably will), the time will be well-spent.)

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Those are pretty cool, LAG. I like the corn maiden, especially.

She's even prettier in person - the workmanship is amazing, and the mother-of-pearl really does have that golden corn glow. I'm not usually a fan of that material for fetishes, but it was totally the right choice, here.

you have excellent taste..

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