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Attention Sylvan Investigation 3 & 4 Kickstarter Backers
peevy short chick
If you haven't responded to the surveys yet (despite repeated reminders), you have a week, and then we'll make a wild guess at what you would have requested.

If you haven't gotten the survey yet, check your filters.

Susan Sullivan, your .edu email is bouncing.

This is all giving Faithful Office Minion and tech elf April agita. It makes me unhappy when the tech elf has agita. Please respond this week, so she has no more agita?

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Hmm, I don't think I got the message, and it's not in my spam filters either. I may, of course, have filled it out long ago and just forgotten.

I suspect if you had goofed, tech elf April would have contacted you directly and whimpered at you....

Is there a way of confirming we have already filled out the survey?

You should be able to check via your Kickstarter account. If not, for whatever reason, email April, as she is Keeper of Responses.

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