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A 1-2-3 Poll
citron presse
Answer 1 if you like the way the current website (lauraannegilman.net) is set up, with links up-front and the blog offset, rather than front page.

Answer 2 if you'd prefer to see the blog first, and have the other information off links.

Answer 3 if you never actually go to the website so don't know what I'm talking about.

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A sheepish 3. (I visited a couple times to do research into all your various book titles, but get my LAG fix here and tumblr and the bookface)

Well, mostly the blog stuff is echoed here, 'cause I know some of you won't go there. But yeah, there's often content there that doesn't go anywhere else... and you can only sign up for the newsletter there....

3 and 1 (mostly).

I also rarely go to your official website, visiting you online here and on Tumblr and Facebook. But having just taken a look at your site it looks pretty good just the way it is. If I were going to recommend tweaks (and of course, I am), I'd make the Welcome section more brief with a link to your About page. With the Welcome section shortened, the Twitter feed would (I assume) be the same height which would move the News/Blog section up a bit making it more visible. Alternatively, move the Twitter feed to the side bar so the Welcome section is the same width as the News section. (Although that would necessitate a lot more fiddling with the layout of the sidebar to make it pretty.)

Three. I almost never read off-LJ. Can this be idleness?

Three, except when you link to the website.

3. I don't go to author websites unless I'm looking up series information for a review.

rarely visit the website unless there's a delay between releasing a paper book versus the ebook.

I dislike the twitter feed being so prominent. Nothing personal but I hate the 140 character limit/retweet/at symbol/hashtag overload experience. it's just not for me.

My taste in personal websites may actually be anti-seo with the first page never changing but fast loading and cache-able with links to:

about page (personal information, life history etc. Professional contact info as well

books page: links to all your book here)

blog: wordpress/livejournal/twitter would go here.

3 (can you say lazy?) I read LJ and FB and sometimes my Twitter feed. I do follow links at times.

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