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kitchen day
citron presse
It must be almost winter, I'm comfort-cooking again.

Not "I'm down, I want to eat something starchy" cooking (although there's some of that involved, too) but "It's cold and a warm kitchen is a wonderful thing" weekend thoughts coupled with "it will be pitch dark and cold when I get home and I don't want to have to think about cooking and I don't want to have pasta again" weekday thoughts.

So, one meerkat-specialty lasagna, a large quantity of beef vegetable soup are setting in the freezer, I test-drove a pasta fry-up recipe for dinner (rigatoni with garlic-infused olive oil, fresh minced garlic and chipolte), and a pork loin is marinating in port wine for dinner tomorrow night. Yummmm.....

I also now have the urge to make an apple pie, but we're out of apples. Probably just as well.

Also managed to get a lot of raking done, so I feel like I've accomplished outdoorsy, calorie-burning things too. ;-) But there's still a hundred pages of line edit looking to get done tonight. Time to fire up the tea kettle and add extra sugar to the steeping brew...

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