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checking in...
citron presse
Man, it feels much later in the day than it is, even allowing for the lack-of-sunlight thing. My sense of time is all skewed and screwy.

Well, despite various Life Interruptions and my usual Wednesday-for-Saturday slacking, I am up to chapter fourteen sixteen in the read-through. It has suckage, but not as much as I feared, and my emergency beta-reader (bless you, m'dear) reports in not displeased so far.

So I may be able to breathe by deadline, after all.

The one thing that is sort of frustrating -- for my editor, if not for me -- is that this book is even shorter* than previous ones. 'Tight' is the word being bandied about. Tight, for a caper novel, is a good thing. There's a lot going on in not very much time, and you want that sense of almost-but-not-quite-panic to carry throughout. But at the same time, I know that there's this push for fantasy to be lush, and lengthy, and, well, for the books to be long

I don't write long books. Not in that sense. Even the Project That Eats My Brain isn't going to be long in that sense, although it will be lusher and lengthier, simply by being the kind of story it is.

Sorry, guys. I hope the words that are there are of quality to make up for the lacking-in-quantity.

*(I should note that by "short" I mean "just past the 90,000-ish words mark," which is still, IMO, a decent-length novel!)

Meanwhile, I have gotten back a few shortfic rejections ("nice, but didn't grab" etc), sent out a few shortfic submissions, and cleared out more of the e-mail backlog, yay!

Also? If anyone was wondering what to get me for Hannukah/Solstice/Winterfest/New Year's/just Because You Love Me? Might I suggest...

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