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And don't forget that I called you a goober for worrying.

Seriously. The damned thing cooks.


You know, I read the quoted bit and immediately thought, "Must be Deb."

Well, Ruth Cavin DID once use me as an example of VOICE...

redux BWAAAAAAAAAAH! I answered Barb before I saw yours.

Off to feed southcats.

goober. the book is a cooker.

"..and it's tighter than a nun's arse in a barfight."


Interesting configurationof butt cheeks, there....

That was a boggle face... though, now that you mention it.

Oh man, I need to go wash my mind out... thank you Deborah G. :P

Dude, blame my husband Nic. HE was the one who was looking over my shoulder and said, hmmm, butt cheeks...

HEY! Enough dissecting the emoticon, more congratulating the author/journal-owner, here!


Dudesse, I spent the last nine hours in the service of the author/journal-owner. Any more than that, today, you're buying me a prosecco, preferably at Grotto Guelpa off the Lungarno in Florence.

A woman of taste and substance. We have not yet met, debg, in person, but I hope we do at some point.

Yes, please - meeting is a good, good thing.

Hard to tell, because of the size, but the photo in the icon used here was taken on the terrace of Il Doccio, the farmhouse we rented a few years back, in the hills above the Valdarno.

Congrats you are awesome! o.O (Nic started it...)


Yep. She is made of the awesome.


Also, "tighter than a nun's arse in a barfight" is my first favorite Thing Read Online today. #2 being "Oh hell to the no [...]."

Yea, you!! But I know you *always* rock.

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