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surrender the manuscript

"...what in hell have you been worrying about? This is fucking sensational. There are no plot danglies, there are no holes, the plot counterpoints are basically seamless, and it's tighter than a nun's arse in a barfight."

Of course, I see things that need to be worked on, and Madame Editrix will have her own ideas, but yay team me! Now I'm going to finish up my own notes, and then go have a drink. Or two.

G'night, y'all.

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That was a boggle face... though, now that you mention it.

Oh man, I need to go wash my mind out... thank you Deborah G. :P

Dude, blame my husband Nic. HE was the one who was looking over my shoulder and said, hmmm, butt cheeks...

HEY! Enough dissecting the emoticon, more congratulating the author/journal-owner, here!


Dudesse, I spent the last nine hours in the service of the author/journal-owner. Any more than that, today, you're buying me a prosecco, preferably at Grotto Guelpa off the Lungarno in Florence.

A woman of taste and substance. We have not yet met, debg, in person, but I hope we do at some point.

Yes, please - meeting is a good, good thing.

Hard to tell, because of the size, but the photo in the icon used here was taken on the terrace of Il Doccio, the farmhouse we rented a few years back, in the hills above the Valdarno.

Congrats you are awesome! o.O (Nic started it...)


Yep. She is made of the awesome.

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