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Eeeeeeeeeee! (the first review of FREE FALL)
free fall
From Publishers Weekly:

[starred review]FREE FALL
Laura Anne Gilman. Luna, $14.95 paper (352p) ISBN 978-0-373-80267-8

Picking up shortly after the devastating battle between humans and fey atop the Brooklyn Bridge in 2007’s Burning Bridges, Gilman’s compelling fifth foray into the fantastic netherworld of modern-day Manhattan takes an even darker turn. Most of the surviving members of the Cosa Nostradamus, an informal collective of demon Fatae and magic-using human Talents, have retreated into hiding, while the Silence, a violently anti-fey covert organization, has regrouped under the leadership of a dangerous fanatic. When Wren Valere, a professional thief and Talent, takes on a simple smash-and-grab job that turns out to be a setup, she swears to stop the Silence and their fey-hunting vigilantes once and for all. With streamlined prose, Gilman deftly weaves intricate plot threads and complex relationships into an almost painful buildup of violent suspense. The result is an intelligent and utterly gripping fantasy thriller, by far the best of the Retrievers series to date. (May)

*isn't sure if she should be doing a jaunty two-step or just passing out in delighted shock*

EtA: I knew, in my humble and biased opinion, that this was a very good book. My editor concurred. But you never know how that first review is going to come down...

EtA2: some of you may remember that the original title of this book was DOWN INTO DARKNESS. There was a reason for that....

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Chocolate bunny ears and hamentaschen for all!!


Well no question of maintaining impetus 5 books in eh?
For the win!

I'm especially pleased since this wrapped up everything that had gone on before as well, so reader satisfaction means I did my job right.

now I just have to worry about book 6 upping the ante... *eeep*

Hey now, I've got the limited ability to keep the stakes raised in ONE novel. But 6? That's all you ;)

Woo-hoo! Congrats on the well-deserved praise.

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... Good on you.

Whooo Hooo! Happy Easter.

I can has chocolate bunny ears?

You can! You must! Starred reviews allow for many bunny ears... and single malt.

Woo hoo! Well done! *cheers*!

Wow, that is fantastic! Congrats!

A STARRED review! Woot! OMG, I know how much that means, and what it will mean for sales.

Hurray! I am soooo happy for you, lady! (baron_elric says "Fantastic!" -- he's looking over my shoulder.)

Yeah, the little red star next to the review had me making goldfish faces for a few seconds before I was actually able to y'know, read the review.

three cheers!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay you!!!


Yeah, definitely be two-stepping!

Excellent! Congratulations!!!

Sorry about it being spoilery; my rule of thumb is that anything that happens in the first half of the book is fair game for the plot summary. Or did you just mean that it's spoilery if you haven't read the earlier books? And which parts are inaccurate? The problem with fact-checking reviews of books I haven't read is that I'm never sure which nuances I'm missing.

Glad you're pleased, at any rate. The reviewer was very emphatic about it not only being a good book overall but also a demonstration of your continued improvement as a writer.

Or did you just mean that it's spoilery if you haven't read the earlier books?

Since this is the 'round up' of events happening in books 1-4, yeah. Especially Burning Bridges. Also, the set-up described isn't really much of a revelation if you know going in.... But this is a risk with all reviews.

And one does hope to learn stuff and get better with each book, so thank you to the reviewer for noting that. :-)

WTG! Congratulations and cyber-champagne! That little red star makes all the difference. :D
But dang, this makes the wait until FREE FALL appears in the stores that much harder.
Cheers and really big grins,
Jean Marie

soon, grasshopper, soon. They exist, I hold one in my hands (okay, it's on my desk) even as I type....


But it does nothing for the frustration of waiting for a copy - at least a month to go (and probably more for copies to reach the UK)...

Indeed - and I have a couple of dozen on my Palm.

But I still prefer to buy the traditional paper version, especially of something I will want to keep and read again. Somehow the ink-and-paper version feels more like a real book, and is more comfortable to read (and isn't dependent on battery life...)

As Fictionwise seems to charge only marginally under the cover price of the book, the e-book is hardly a bargain option - when I can buy the paperback, including shipping, for about the same, even in the UK.

LJ is definitely a bad influence on my book-buying habit, having introduced me to several new authors, and yet more ways of spending money and overfilling bookshelves (or, at the moment, the "waiting for me to build more bookshelves" pile... err, piles).

Woooo-hoooo! A *starred* review, with such lovely things said! That should help sales, too. I'm so happy for you!

I started Staying Dead in the hospital and liked what I read (very much so, in fact), but I haven't been able to find it since I came home. I hope a nurse didn't abscond with it, though one was very intrigued by it. (Hopefully she went and bought her own copy.) It's probably in one of the bags I came home with that haven't been put away yet.

(And thank you for your email, and I'm quite sure I'm going to want to continue the series, oh yes, oh my.)

That is *huge*. Many many many woots.

this is what I get for falling out of touch for so many years. the book that I bought at LunaCon jwas not the first in the series??

is the whole series available from Barnes & Noble dot com?

*points to the Cosa Nostradamus blog for series specifics.

The whole series is available from any bookseller. Or should be, anyway...

Also, check the first post in this Journal (post-dated to keep it up front) for the full list of everything of mine you might have missed.

Edited at 2008-03-24 11:26 am (UTC)

OK, I've been to Barnes & Noble dot com and ordered the trade paper versions of "Curse the Dark" and "Bring it On", but they only have a massmarket edition of "Staying Dead".

I'm gonna try hitting up the local B&N & Borders to see if they might have a copy of "Staying Dead" in trade paper (just to keep the books all of the same size)

Yay you! Stars are always welcome...and to get one for a book this far down a series line, well, that's damn impressive on multiple levels!

hell, just getting reviewed, five books in, impressed the hell out of me...

It's true, though it seems that the journals are more willing to do it with genre titles. In children's, they generally just mention that the new book exists, but rarely review it. There are exceptions, of course, and I always wonder what makes one final book in a trilogy more relevant for review than another.

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