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Like Wednesday for Monday
the general warned me...

Today has been.... a day.

I caught the later bus to work which would have been fine except...

A storm front rolled in, threatening to bucket down on me en route. But that would have been fine since I had my bike and could probably beat it, except...

My bike threw a flat a hundred feet into my ride. But a local farmer driving a pickup truck stopped for me and drove me the two miles to my gig, so that was okay, except...

Halfway through work our internet gave out, causing our POS software to go toes-up. I was able to download the software onto my tablet and use my 4G connection, so that was okay, except...

We had a rush of visitors in the afternoon and I had to hand-enter every single credit card (and couldn't print out receipts). Thankfully, everyone was chill about having to wait, so things were good, except....

I still had to get back to the bus somehow, but Barbara Ferrer came and got me and took me back to have pizza with the family so that turned out okay except...

The bus back into town was 40 minutes late.

But Barbara said "what the hell, it's after rush hour," and drove me back into town.

And now I am home and I still have to get to work somehow tomorrow and figure out how to get the bike to the bike shop (4 miles away) but that is trauma for tomorrow. I'm going to bed now.


sky dragon

That's 40 shots over the course of 5 minutes, for one perfect second.



Contemplating collections....
madness toll
There exists, already, a Cosa Nostradamus story collection.

Likewise there exists DRAGON VIRUS, the collection/linked novella of stories set in that universe.

But I have a great many stories that fall into neither category, that are currently out of print and out of contract. So now it falls to me to determine which will go into the new collection.

So if anyone has a favorite, sing out!

(there may be a poll to pick specific stories, later, but if you don't vote now, there's no surety your fave will be on the list...)

Busy! Busy! Busy!
citron presse
Yeah, the book's done (for now) but GISHWHES started this morning, and the Agency Retreat is next weekend, and I have houseguests coming, and shifts at the winery, and...

Screw it.

Gonna kick back with a glass of wine and enjoy tonight's rather awesome sundown.

Sassssqaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! (AKA "My WorldCon Schedule")
casual photo
When you absolutely, positively have to find me at Sasquan (WorldCon), here's how you do it.

In addtion to putting in my hours as part of the Writing Workshop I will be doing the following Fabulous Items:

(Ann Chamberlin, Laura Anne Gilman, Kay Kenyon, Mike Resnick, Shanna Swendson, Fran Wilde)
Thursday 15:00 - 15:45, Exhibit Hall B (CC)

(for those of you who also like mysteries, I will happily sign L.A. Kornetsky's work, as well).

Horror/Paranormal: What's New
Thursday 17:00 - 17:45, Spokane Falls Suite A/B (Doubletree)
Found anything scary...or scary and somehow, well, romantic? A look at current paranormal writing, trends for the future and is the current spate of horror & paranormal on TV helping or hurting the genre?

Joshua Bilmes, Nick Mamatas, Christie Meierz, Laura Anne Gilman

Building a Better Tomorrow
Friday 15:00 - 15:45, 302AB (CC)

Young adult science fiction is thriving, presenting an array of possible futures for humanity. While YA SF seems to be taking off, many of those stories feature dark futures. Why might teens be drawn to these types of settings that feature dystopic settings? Will there be a brighter or better tomorrow for us?
Laura Anne Gilman (M) , Paolo Bacigalupi , Troy Bucher, Dan Wells

(as moderator if you have anything you want brought up, I'm the person to ask.  Leave your Qs in the comments)

Reading - Laura Anne Gilman
Saturday 10:30 - 11:00, 303B (CC)

Twenty minutes of Sneak Peak at what I'm working on now....

KaffeeKlatche - Laura Anne Gilman
Saturday 14:00 - 14:45, 202B-KK3 (CC)
Join a panelist and up to 9 other fans for a small discussion. Coffee and snacks available for sale on the 2nd floor.

(it's entirely possible I will have Goodies for anyone who shows up.  Limited edition goodies, even, maybe...)

Stroll with the Stars
Sunday 09:00 - 09:45, Breezeway/Statue (CC)

A gentle morning stroll with some of your favorite authors, artists and editors. Meeting each morning at 9AM in the Breezeway between the INB Theater and the Convention Center (check your map), and returning in time for 10AM programming.

(yes, you can bring your coffee.  Dog knows I'm gonna...)

I am contemplating having a morning meet-up, for those of us who actually wake up before things get rolling.
There will also be  Book View Cafe party Friday night.  Details to come....

Book 2, more or less on deadline.
I rawk
110,000 words and still in need of some editorial poking and prodding to get it to where it needs to be, but hey, that’s WHY I have an editor. And it’s his problem now. :-)

*falls over goes thud for 16 hours before GISHWHES starts*

And, because I'm at the far edge of obsessing about these things, I checked WorldCat. The Seattle Public Library reportedly has 4 copies of SILVER ON THE ROAD on order, and the Minnetonka (MN) library has 3 requests, so here's hoping they get at least one copy in.

And that's it.

(Dear NYPL: you don't love me any more?)

Okay, it's VERY early days, I know. But if you happen to wander past your local librarian and leave a note saying "I'd really love it if you got a copy of this book in for me," that's - I'm told - really helpful to librarians trying to wrangle their budgets over book lists....

if you need a giggle today....
Oh dear god. I just cackled - CACKLED - for five minutes straight.

For anyone who needs a laugh - I'm pretty sure you don't need to know the SPN backstory to find this amusing,tho if you do, you may likewise be literally LOLSTC at this video.

Bless Mark Sheppard for being perfect and rolling with it...

the general warned me...
The past 48 hours have been my own personal Merc Gone Retro nonstop party, where what I mean is the opposite of a party. But most of the miscommunications seem to have been worked out, the knots untangled, and August more-or-less sorted, with September maybe making sense.

October is still an incipient clusterfuck, tho.

And that's with me being organized and reasonably on top of my game. How do disorganized people survive? (that's not entirely a rhetorical question)

This week I am Boring
citron presse
Well, boring to you, anyway.

Mostly, time is split between 4th pass on Book 2 (which has gotten a deadline extension again, due to page proofs, but will not wait on me much longer), the side wine gig, and bringing two clients up to speed on the editorial gig. Basically, clearing out all the Due In July Things.

Because in August, there will be GISHWHES, my sister and her SO visiting, the agency retreat, and WorldCon. And two novellas I kinda promised to have finished by Labor Day.

So yeah, I'm boring now, in the hopes of bringing you excitement later....

and that spells MOON.
citron presse
Moonrise, Puget Sound, July 2015

Sickle Moon, July 2015

I'm rather pleased and in fact astonished at how well these came out.  Yay little point-and-shoot that could!

Excuse me while I commercialize...
citron presse

I I have been informed that there’s been a (short-time) price drop!

STAYING DEAD (book 1 of the Retrievers series) is currently 2.99 at Amazon and B&N (ebook)

no title

no title

CURSE THE DARK (books 2 of the Retriever series) is currently 3.99 at both retailers.

Meerkat's first novels!  A magical NYC, where the modern world has INCREASED the amount of magic in the world, not destroyed it, and the non-human fatae wander the streets alongside Nulls and Talent...

Not so much "romantic fantasy" as "caper novels with magic and relationships."

And a short, fuzzy (snarky as fuck) demon named PB.

Bite of Seattle
Because of Reasons, after sending in the corrected page proofs for SILVER this morning, I took the afternoon away from the computer and wandered down the street a bit to check out Bite of Seattle, three days of food carts and demos and food trucks and booths and demos-from-sponsors, etc.  And cordoned-off-for-21-and-older areas for adult beverage sampling, too.

And although there could be more freebie samples, IMO (only 3-4 places were actually giving food out), the prices were quite reasonable, and the quality of all the vendors seemed high.  Plus, there were opportunities to "win" vouchers for food, as well as the usual giveaways.

So yeah, I say it's a fun way to social-nosh for an afternoon or evening.  Recommended for any local foodies.

What I Ate:

-  Key lime greek yogurt (ok, not great)
- a "beyond beef" plantburger bite (didn't taste like meat but wasn't bad)
- spiced pork belly tacos (nom nom nom)
- two different kinds of lo-cal sports drinks
- sugar crepe bite (tiny but nom)
- lemonade

- total cost: $7

I was very tempted to try the Alley ($10 for a sampling of fancier food, plus access to the wine tasting area), but figured that could wait until Sunday...  (I may have to go back and try a corndog, too.  Never having had one - probably for good reason, but hey, you only live once, right?)

I also picked up a lot of freebies, including two insulated lunch bags, a reusable grocery bag (right-sized for greenmarket shopping), and a suction cup phone holder for a car, that seems to be working really well as a raised phone display for my desk, yay.  I declined to take home any gimmie caps or commemorative cups, though.

What She Watched, 2015
citron presse
13. John Wick (despite my distaste for "woman dies for manpain" and "kill the dog for manpain" and oversaturated sets, I was curious. Verdict: pretty much everything I hate in movies, with only a bit of good acting to save it.)
12. Avengers: Age of Ultron
11. Pacific Rim (yeah, I know, I didn't see many movies in the theater the past few years...)
10. Hunger Games (yes, finally. Shut up)
9. Divergent
8. Jack the Giant-Killer (glad I didn't spend money seeing this in the theater, but good to watch while sorting tax paperwork...)
7. Duma
6. Mirror, Mirror (after a while I just had it on for the pretty, I freely admit)
5. Over the Hedge (I'd never actually watched it through to the end, before)
4. Now You See Me
3. The Other Woman
2. Nanny McPhee
1. Grand Budapest Hotel

if you are not dead of the squee at this news, I just don't know what to do with you...
dandelion break
After 25 years, Berkeley Breathed is returning to his Pulitzer Prize-winning comic strip, "Bloom County." Breathed announced the new incarnation of the politically-minded strip via a post on Facebook that featured him working on a new comic with the words "Bloom County 2015" at the top.


In case you wondered how it was going...
brain.  hurts.
170 130 more pages to go, proofing SILVER, and taking notes for all the details I need to integrate into the next pass of Book #2.

If I didn't love this world so much, I'd hate this project with a raving frothing madness, right now.

For now - booze, and a meal that's not deli meat or cashew butter on a slice of rye. Tomorrow, I have to work on other things, too. Because Sudden Deadlines do not miraculously erase Existing Deadlines...


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