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happy go lucky
Aaaaaaand the pirate sites have found the Sylvan Investigation books. I suppose the run of quiet was too good to last. Especially with the new one coming out this year.

If you want to support a writer, and make sure there are more books to come... you don't go around asking "where can I get this for free, I don't want to pay for it." That's not you being smart or savvy, that's you being a spoiled little ass spoiling it for everyone else.

For the record: the SI novellas (and all my books) are available via libraries, too. You want 'em? You can get them by request. For free, even. Without hurting anyone.

/snarl over

State of the Author Dealing with Copyedit, in gifs
citron presse

cas eyeroll.gif
Watson"s urge to kill.gif

aand then, when it all seems lost... you just give up, give in, and start STETing the fuck out of everything.

that thudding noise you heard may well have been me.
surrender the manuscript
Huh. Yeah, that's that, then. A little short and a lot messy, nothing anyone gets to see but me, but that's Draft 0 of Devil's West #2.


[I'm actually really really excited about Draft 0, but right now I feel like I've been beaten with bamboo rods, so 'woo' is all I got]

Now I have a month to do the second pass, and get it into shape I'm willing to let someone else read....

And, of course, I check email and hey! There's the CEM for Book 1 (aka SILVER ON THE ROAD) landing! Nice timing. Cruel, but nice.

So yeah, I'm back....
Norwescon is a nifty convention, large (3k attendees, I was told) but well-run, and filled with fans of all ages and colors (including one who was purple), the costuming was excellent, the panels were very well-attended, the conversations fascinating, and apparently Simon Green and I have a comedy duo we can take on the road if this writing things fails out...

And the bar had very comfortable seating, and almost enough of it.

Interestingly, it wasn't a heavy-drinking convention. At least not for me. Two glasses of wine in the evening was my worst indulgence, and asleep well before midnight.

And a half-hour drive home, even with traffic. I liked that.

So yeah - hooray for my new 'local' convention.  And hooray for them taking no shit from would-be creepers...

And tomorrow we're back to the write-all-the-things and edit-all-the-things and file-all-the things schedule. Kinda looking forward to it, actually.

Well, that's an...interesting slate.
Castiel Kitten of Thursday
For those wondering, my reaction to the Hugo ballot was "well, that's...interesting."

(if you weren't wondering: good for you.)

Anything more than that, you can go read Jim C. Hines' "10 Thoughts on the Hugos," and pretty much hear me say "yeah, that."
Except I will say that the Hugos, as much as we make of them, and no matter how nice it might be to win one, are not the depth and breadth of the genre, and in fact reflect only one small subset of the convention-attending section of the genre (which is already a small subset). Spending any amount of time, energy or money to manipulate the voting seems - to me - to be an amazing waste of that time, energy, and money, proving nothing.

At Norwescon
meerkat coffee
Last night's reading, despite being at the awkward hour of dinner-o-clock on the first day of the convention, was reasonably well-attended, and by some people I didn't know from Joe! That's always nice. Then there was the panel on the use of the hard-boiled mystery element in urban fantasy, which...well, I suspect our moderator wanted it to be a different panel, but I think we got some good discussion in on mystery elements, the shared pup origins, and whatnot. And good audience participation.

I called it an early night - having spent all that morning squiring a friend around town so she could get her bearings, and then doing two panels, I was feeling slightly faded-out around the edges. The plan is to keep my sleep patterns (and my eating patterns) as healthy as possible, so I don't lose a day to recovery, after.

Today, lunch plans, then three panels.  And possibly some bar time.  You're all shocked, I know.

Meanwhile, am still writing. Because Deadlines.

"He’d reached the point of presuming that what she felt she needed to do, she would find a way to make done.

That presumption might well get him killed, but it wasn’t as though he couldn’t die any number of ways otherwise. All flesh failed, and every story he’d ever been told of those who wished otherwise, ended badly."

My hero has read the Hero's Guide to Reality. I <3 him a great deal.

This is, sadly, not a joke...
happy go lucky
HarperCollins and Amazon are at odds again. That means, as Mindy Klasky reminds us, that at any moment, all HC books could disappear off Amazon while they snit* at each other over contracts.

And now, that includes all Harlequin novels - including all Luna titles. Including, y'know...mine.

So if you're an Amazon customer, and were thinking about buying copies of..well, ANY of my UF novels, now would be the time to do it. Just in case.

(and if you weren't thinking about buying copies... *guilts you heavily about not supporting your hostess. guilt guilt oh my GOD the guilt* )

- did it work?-

*where by "snit" I mean have a very ugly battle over terms that would make people outside the industry blanch and ask how that was even legal....

on this day...
citron presse
This is a joke-free zone today. Not that I don't enjoy a well-designed prank (you know who you are) but too much of what goes on today seems to rely on a harmful or hurtful 'snap' for the prank to work, and that's not my thing.

Also, I've hit the 4th quarter of the book-draft and there's a convention bearing down on me, plus a houseguest incoming, and I don't have time or energy to spare....

New York State joins the Indiana No-Visit list...
"Today, I direct all agencies, departments, boards and commissions to immediately review all requests for state funded or state sponsored travel to the State of Indiana and to bar any such publicly funded travel that is not essential to the enforcement of state law or public health and safety. The ban on publicly funded travel shall take effect immediately.

"New York State has been, and will continue to be, a leader in ensuring that all LGBT persons enjoy full and equal civil rights. With this action, we stand by our LGBT family members, friends and colleagues to ensure that their rights are respected."

Thereby joining the State of Connecticut, and the cities of San Francisco and Seattle.

I'm proud to be a New Yorker living in Seattle right now.

Proof of (weekend) Work...
evil laugh

not sure if anyone’s actually reading these,  but they keep me honest(ish), so…

There was no bench observance for murder committed in front of witnesses.  The knife, a wickedly-curved skinning knife, light enough to be overlooked and slid up a sleeve, was in his hand, slicked with blood, when they finally wrestled him down to the floor, still flopping like a fresh-caught fish.

….Isobel closed her eyes, the echoes of the shot knocking against the walls of the town, repeating once, twice, until it faded back into silence, the smell of black powder chasing the tang of blood from her nose.

“It’s done,” Gabriel said.

(interestingly, that’s the least spoilery bit from this chapter)

Looking Back, Looking Forward, weekend edition.
citron presse
Saturday, I hauled myself out of town to take a meeting.  If anything comes of that meeting, y'all will be the third to know.  Then I came home and was a slug on the sofa.  Sunday's been Writers' Cafe and more work on the cracktastic project, and now all the words I didn't get written on Saturday. Plus cleaning.

Oh, and my interview for Qwillery, supporting Genius Loci, went live!
(and Genius Loci is $160 from their next stretch goal, with 3 days to go!)

Next three days: write all the words, do all the things. My friend Christine arrives from NYC Wednesday night for a long weekend vacay, Thursday afternoon I abandon her to the cats and apartment and head off for Norwescon, come back on Sunday, spend some more time touristing with Christine before she leaves, then do a presentation for the Seattle Free Lances Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning: I whimper a lot about being totally burnt out.

Sounds like a plan.

What She Read, 2015
citron presse
8. UNTITLED, client manuscript
7. DOWN TO AGINCOURT (Books 1-3), Sepirs
6. DEJA DEAD, Kathy Reichs
5. UNTITLED, client manuscript
3. UNTITLED, client manuscript
2. TAINTED WATERS, Leah Cutter (beta-read)
1. FOXGLOVE SUMMER, Ben Aaronovitch

Heading into the Weekend...
citron presse
This weekend, I am not at ECCC or at the Supernatural convention happening in town.  Mainly because I didn't get my act together in time to deal with either.  So it goes.  The weekend seems to be filled with Stuff to Do, anyway.  Imagine that.  :-)

Life is chaotic, and a little stressy, but good.  This diagram pretty much sums it up.  Sadly, it doesn't say "you are paid WELL for it."  But yeah, there are some compensations for hitting the sweet spot....

relatedly, have a picture of my office-mate from yesterday afternoon.

He was about a foot away from me, sitting politely (and surprisingly quietly) for about 15 minutes, before deciding I was far too dull for any self-respecting bird to be wasting time on...

I've always loved gulls - they're such fierce, noisy, gorgeous creatures.  Greedy, yeah, but no more so than is their nature.  So having this guy quietly  hang with me while I worked felt a bit like a benediction....

May we all have such moments, however we define them, every day....

The Obligatory Occasional My Accountant Makes Me, Post
just sayin&#39; - Nate

"The profession of book writing makes horse racing seem like a solid, stable business."   -John Steinbeck

with that quote in mind, let me remind everyone that

Opinions are like Assholes...
bitch, please

Ooops.  According to Clean Reader, "asshole" might not appear in the text.

Writers - who choose our words carefully, use them deliberately - aren't thrilled with this Bowdlerizing app.  Readers shouldn't be, either. It's an attempt to take away freedom of expression, a power play by those who would control what we see/think/feel. No thanks.

In short: it wasn't appreciated when Bowdler did it, it's not appreciated (or wanted) now. Don't like the language? Don't read the story.

(yes, I have very strong opinions about 'sanitizing' language after the fact and against the author's wishes. Mainly: don't do it.)

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